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At JD High Country Outfitters the quality of our goods is of the utmost importance, and with that in mind, we carry only the best brands in our store, and at our partner locations.


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Katadyn offers a wide variety of water filtration and purification products suitable for any need. This allows outdoor enthusiasts and travelers to take along products for making their own drinking water when preparing their trips.

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Gold Tip

Starting with a Gold Tip arrow gives you a great head start in your search for the ultimate in accuracy. However, without proper setup and tuning you will still leave something on the table.  In this section you will find what you need to know in order to get your arrows properly assembled and tuned so that you can get the most out of your Gold Tip arrows.

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Our continual search for the unexpected fabric, our attention to the subtle variations that define a piece, our dedication to clean, flattering silhouettes and superior fit – this is what elevates Pistil’s collection of hats and accessories. Our Spring/Summer 2012 collection offers a diverse array of accessories including scarves, belts and headbands – essentials that punctuate a simple summer look.

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For over 40 years Therm-a-Rest has pursued a single mission to provide the best nights under the stars. No engineer can sit alone and proclaim a design innovative. True innovation is defined by consensus, in the field, by thousands—if not millions—of customers. Our focus on delivering that level of performance has allowed a number of our products to attain such a level of recognition over the last 35 years. Driven by the need to get a better night’s sleep outdoors, founders of Cascade Designs invent the revolutionary self-inflating Therm-a-Rest® mattress. The lightweight, portable mattress allows mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to sleep better in warmth and comfort.

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In the early 70’s Umpqua Feather Merchants revolutionized the way business was done in the fly fishing industry, particularly in regard to the most indispensable piece of equipment used by every fly fisher...their flies! Few anglers today are aware of the impact Umpqua Feather Merchants has had on their enjoyment of the sport of fly fishing.

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POC Sports

Built on a strong mission; to do everything we can to possibly save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents, for gravity sports athletes, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. POC has in many ways already set a new standard when it comes to technical solutions, construction, material combinations and engineering, with patented solutions, to increase the degree of protection. POC works in a cross scientific way, from the office at Nacka gatan 4, in Stockholm. The organization involves competences from different fields, such as engineers, material specialists, industrial and graphic designers, neurologists and back specialists. Stockholm is an important centre for some of Europe’s leading research and development experts in the areas of safety, medicine, health care, advanced product development and testing. All our products have been tested by top world gravity sport athletes and then further refined to perfection. Our athlete friends love to go flat out but without suffering cuts, bruises and headaches, or in the worst cases, risking back or brain damage as a result of crashes that sadly happens to even the best athletes. The end result is a line of lightweight, high performance gear that offers the ultimate protection against injury thanks to superior impact absorption and penetration resistance. When developing a product at POC, we do it in the spirit of doing the best. We never compromise in choosing materials or construction, and we never compromise safety, quality or performance.

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Abel Reels

Quality. Dependability. Precision. Innovation. Beauty. Over the last 25 years there have been many words associated with Abel Reels, but those in our mission statement remain our favorites: To design and build the best, most dependable gear in the world and give world class customer service. Living by that mantra, along with the continued support of our loyal customers, has allowed us to continue to manufacture the best reels and tools available to fly anglers today. 1988 seems to be a lifetime ago, when we started small (relatively speaking) with our standard arbor Big Game series of reels. Back then, our original drags boasted “Stop a Sub” power, and that tradition of strength lives on in every Super Series reel today.

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In 1983, a group of hardcore fishermen who spent their days exploring the globe and battling extreme elements came to realize that the sunglasses they were relying on weren't as hardcore as their adventures. Seeing the world in absolute clarity and protecting their eyes was a must. So when they couldn't find worthy sunglasses, they decide to build their own. And Costa was born.

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Horny Toad

If you´re fun loving and easy going, Horny Toad apparel is right up your alley. Based in Santa Barbara, California, a few hundred yards from the beach, Horny Toad creates active lifestyle apparel for men and women. They make clothes that they would want to wear themselves, keeping in mind that the clothes that one chooses to wear also needs to suit their way of life. Because you´ve got to wear clothes, Horny Toad apparel wants every piece to be your favorite.

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In 1952, skiing pioneer and innovator Hannes Marker founded the Marker ski binding company and introduced the first commercially successful releasable ski binding. What followed over the years were many changes, evolutions and market firsts; such as the Simplex Toe; Rotomat Heel; Active AFD; Stainless steel, AFD; Mechanically Operating Toe Cups; Twincam; Full Spectrum; Biometric; and revolutionary performance interface systems like Selective Control and new Piston Control.

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Victorinox Swiss Army

When my great-grandfather Karl Elsener opened a cutlery workshop to deliver a soldier knife to the Swiss army in 1884, he had a revolutionary idea in mind. He was looking for a compact and sturdy knife, which offered many functions combined in a single tool. What he invented has long become a legend: the Original Swiss Army Knife. Over the years, both customer needs and technology have changed. The Swiss Army Knife has evolved by responding to these needs, while remaining an essential tool our clients can rely on.

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Carbon Express

To get the advantage in the field, you need the best arrows, broadheads and accessories – whether you're a seasoned pro who only buys top–of–the line equipment or you're just picking up a bow for the first time. This is why so many hunters insist on the Carbon Express brand. In competitive field and target archery, the difference between the thrill of victory and crushing defeat can be measured in millimeters. So in this arena, precision is always the champion. Which is why more and more of the world’s top archers are shooting Carbon Express®arrows. The only brand that laser sorts each of its arrow sets to ensure that each shaft is an exact "matched set." The one brand that each year is taking engineering, innovation, performance—and the sport of target archery—to new heights.

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Boyt Harness Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of high quality gun cases, hunting accessories and specialty hunting clothing. Founded in 1901, the construction methods and high quality materials used to make Boyt products have remained virtually unchanged since the turn of the last century. Boyt gun cases are backed by a lifetime warranty, unmatched in the hunting industry. Along with gun cases the product line has grown to include the industry’s largest variety of specialty hunting bags and duffels, sportsman’s travel luggage, and an extensive line of safari clothing, big game hunting clothing and upland hunting clothing. Boyt’s canvas and leather gun cases are constructed from the finest materials available, resulting in heirloom gun cases that have been passed from generation to generation of American hunters for more than 100 years. Our clothing and shooting accessories bring to mind the time when hunting products were expected to last for years and usually did. From their base in Osceola, Iowa ,Boyt design engineers search the world over for the finest in heavy canvas, milled from the best available U.S. grown long staple cotton, fine Italian harness leather and solid cast brass hardware to insure that our products not only look great but will stand up to the elements for years to come.

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Simms is a fishing company. We have enjoyed success by staying true to the original vision of our company by building the highest quality products to keep our customers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements in any fishing conditions. We work with the very best materials suppliers in the world in our commitment to make high performance, technical clothing and outerwear.

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The origin of waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® outerwear, footwear, and gloves starts with five little letters: ePTFE. ePTFE, or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, was created by Bob Gore in 1969 when he rapidly stretched PTFE under certain conditions. The result was an incredibly strong, microporous material with an amazing list of characteristics including low water adsorption and good weathering properties. By 1978, GORE-TEX® fabric was introduced and the world met the first truly waterproof, breathable outerwear. Thanks to our commitment to innovation and creativity, waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® products have continued to improve and evolve to keep in step with the changing needs of our customers. The basic hallmarks that make our outerwear, footwear, and gloves the choice of serious professionals and casual outdoor enthusiasts alike remain, however: The GORE-TEX® membrane:The secret of GORE-TEX® products -- which are both completely waterproof and completely breathable at the same time -- lies within its our revolutionary bi-component membrane. The membrane contains over 9 billion microscopic pores which are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. So while water in its liquid form cannot penetrate the GORE-TEX® membrane, as moisture vapor it can easily escape. Waterproof, windproof and breathable:The GORE-TEX® membrane makes garments durably waterproof, windproof and breathable so that you stay dry and comfortable. Durable:Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® outerwear is made of the very toughest fabrics and is thoroughly tested to guarantee performance even after serious wear and tear. Easy care: Just because it’s high tech doesn’t mean it has to be high maintenance. GORE-TEX® fabric is extremely easy to take care of and won’t lose its effectiveness even after repeated washing.

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Cliff Outdoors is a family owned business located in Casper, Wyoming that designs and manufactures unique practical outdoor gear. Our current product line is geared to needs of practical fly anglers. In the future you will also see some really cool stuff for practical outdoors enthusiasts. Some will tell you that Cliff Outdoors was started by the urging of a group of friends that liked some of the "stuff" I had been building. We all had a similar fishing style and they appreciated the utility of my designs. I would argue that it all started because of a small room in the basement of my grandparent's home in Goshen County, Wyoming. The room was filled with fly rods, Winchesters, and the tools to take care of them. My Grandpa was an incredibly handy guy that liked things on the practical side, and I inherited a little of that from him. In his "gear room" you could feel the potential for outdoor adventure. That room drew me like a magnet and it was there that I first started learning that having the Right Gear at the Right Time has a direct impact on the opportunity for outdoor success.

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Bear Archery

Fred started Bear Archery during the Great Depression. The company flourished with his passion for bow hunting and bow craftsmanship. Over the years, the Bear name gained legendary status as a mark of quality, continually furthered by Fred's dedication to advances in design and workmanship. Today, Bear craftsmen build on Fred's contribution to the sport by their commitment to his original vision: to bring you quality products that perform well above price. This is what Fred Bear stood for, and it is what Bear Archery will always stand for. In simplest terms, it's all about the hunt. Your hunt.

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The SureFire name is synonymous with excellence in hand-held illumination tools. Superior quality, built for the Military, Law Enforcement, Outdoor and Everyday Carry.

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Scott Archery

Designers and manufacturers of archery releases.

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William Joseph

Outstanding innovation, manufacturing and design are the elements that each William Joseph fly fishing product embodies. Used around the world by professionals and seasoned outdoorsman alike, William Joseph is setting the benchmark.

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Princeton Tec

At Princeton Tec, we've been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades. And yes, you could say it's been quite a ride. In our pursuit to be the world's best, we've travelled the earth by ocean, by air, by bike and by foot. We've consulted great athletes, scaled mountains, traversed the poles, touched the ocean floors and rolled two wheels on every continent. We are constantly inspired by what our ever evolving environments have to offer and the human spirit that challenges us to tackle them. This spirit, our spirit, motivates us to push technology and design, so that we can ensure that you have, not only the best lighting solutions, but solutions where technology is applied and the performance makes sense for how you use them.

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Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge archery products are in stock.

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Scott Sports

The sport of skiing was revolutionized with a technical innovation from Ed Scott, a talented engineer and ski racer living in Sun Valley, Idaho. Ed Scott's invention of the first tapered aluminium ski pole immediately replaced the sport's existing use of bamboo and steel. That revolutionary invention launched a new brand, SCOTT, and fundamentally positioned Scott as a technical product leader in the skiing market. Ed Scott's initial vision of technical innovation would serve as the cornerstone company philosophy as the brand matured and expanded to new markets.

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These 3 words describe our products, our company, our culture — and our future. As a leading worldwide provider of navigation, we are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets that are an essential part of our customers’ lives. Our vertical integration business model keeps all design, manufacturing, marketing and warehouse processes in-house, giving us more control over timelines, quality and service. Our user-friendly products are not only sought after for their compelling design, superior quality and best value, but they also have innovative features that enhance the lives of our customers.

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We live for the mountains, because we need to experience the mountains every day of every year. Begin with the world’s best athletes. Listen to them. Outfit them. Make them better. Before, it was only about product and specs and design. And it still is, but now our innovations have a pulse, a human desire, and a meaning. Under our technology beats a heart. We use this expertise to create technical gear to do the stuff we love to do. Then we use the same intensity to create all that is casual. Because that’s how we live in the mountains: through product that enhances the lifestyle. We are a fundamental ingredient of the lifestyle. We are part of the lexicon. Not just the most respected brand, but a word that is synonymous with great memories, epic adventures and incredible friends. And yes, anyone can say they’re an authentic mountain sports lifestyle brand. We can prove it.

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For 40 years, the MSR brand has stood for cutting-edge backcountry-gear engineering. Our passionate fusion of mountaineering and engineering has led to a succession of groundbreaking products—from stoves, tents, and snowshoes to cookware, water filters, purifiers and camp towels—that have revolutionized the outdoor industry. That’s why MSR gear has been taken on expeditions around the world, standing up, time and time again, to the most demanding situations imaginable.

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C.F. Burkheimer

Our fly trout rods are light in hand, and heavy in performance. If they don’t cast 80 feet with good turnover right after they dropped a fly on a quarter at 25, they’re not Burkheimer’s. We want to build you a rod that you’re proud to fish with, because you deserve it, and the trout deserve it. We don’t have a “FastX3″ series, or a “Power Enhancement Taper”, that’s not the Burkheimer way. We build stunningly beautiful rods with superb performance, because that’s what the situation demands.

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Let’s take a little trip back in time. It’s 1946. Detroit. Engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis hit on something big: they harness the natural insulating powers of air to create a permanently sealed, double-walled tumbler. Finally a way to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Not to mention, it is virtually indestructible. This outstanding innovation changed the drink ware industry forever. Talk about a game changer. Combining the last three letters of each of their last names, Cotter and Davis dubbed their new cup brand “Tervis”. In the years to follow, they worked hard to refine and improve their designs. The original tall, cylindrical tumbler evolved into additional sizes and products. Today, Tervis offers six tumbler sizes, plus hundreds of customizable designs, emblems, and accessory combinations. The Donelly family purchased the Tervis product rights in the 1950s and incorporated the Tervis Tumbler Company in 1967. To this day, all Tervis products are proudly made in North Venice, Florida, where over 700 people are employed through this family-owned-and-operated business. In 2011 we celebrated 65 years of making quality made-to-order tumblers.

The North Face

The North Face delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear. We push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration. We remain deeply proud to be the first choice of the world's most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners, and explorers.

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Kühl® began as Alfwear in 1983 with the Alf hat, a Peruvian-inspired design that many ski bums equipped themselves with in the mid-80s. Updating it with polar fleece, John “Alf” Engwall designed the pattern for the hat that would become the choice for serious Rocky Mountain powder skiers. Engwall, Conrad Anker (the now legendary mountaineer), and brothers Jay and Kevin Boyle set out to introduce this effective design to the skiing and mountaineering world. The four co-founders consisted of three skiers and a rock climber, all of whom aspired to build a business and lifestyle around their respective beloved sport.

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RED Helmets

RED helmets. Giving riders the confidence to progress. Unlock your riding with RED.


Since 1997, the Exped Team has designed and built the highest quality, specialized gear for the active, outdoor enthusiast. Such equipment is designed to appeal to everyone from the casual hiker of the Appalachian Trail to the technical climber in the Himalayas. Every user expects his equipment to meet exacting requirements, and at Exped, we build products intended to surpass those expectations!

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KÄSTLE is an Austrian company based in the heart of the Alps. We are a small tribe of life-long skiers with extensive experience in the ski manufacturing industry. We came together because we share a passion for skiing and a desire to build the world’s best ski systems. Quality is our most important priority. Quality has two meanings to us: first, functional and performance-oriented product development; second, respectful and sustainable relationships with our partners and the mountains. Our products are uncompromisingly built to the highest standards. We strip away the gimmicks and gizmos that plague many skis and focus on functional technology. The result: advanced and elegant ski designs that deliver uncompromising performance.

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Beulah Fly Rods

Beulah Fly Rods are designed by professional guides on the West Coast of America. It is their wealth of experience that ensures Beulah Rods are truly World Class. We are proud to be the only Beulah dealer in Wyoming.

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Founded in 1962 on the frozen plains of Canada, SOREL brings its functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion, where it is inspiring a new generation of doers, builders, and creators. And though SOREL makes more than just boots, there’s a boot in everything SOREL makes.

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Oberalp Sports/Experts is part of the Oberrauch Group and owned by the Oberrauch family, who have been active in apparel for five generations. The group, which was founded by Anton Oberrauch 160 years ago, now employs 700 people and is active in the production, retail sales, and wholesale distribution of fashion and sporting goods. Oberalp Sports/Experts was founded in 1981 with the objective of importing high quality sports clothing and equipment into the Italian market and is now one of Italy’s leaders in the field. In 1990 Oberalp acquired the Munich-based SALEWA Group and increased its domination in mountaineering sporting goods in Europe. The company also represents and distributes a wide range of other European brands. Autonomous marketing strategies and a clear positioning for individual brands have been responsible for constant sales increases since the beginning.

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Sage Fly Fishing

At Sage, every piece of angling equipment we make is designed, tested and hand built with one goal in mind: Maximum Fishability. It’s a term we came up with a few years back to describe the kind of performance that helps you cast better, fish more effectively and have more fun. In short, every Sage rod, reel and line is specifically designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the water.

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Waterworks-Lamson Reels

The Waterworks-Lamson is unique among fly fishing companies. We are not a machine shop selling reels, we are not a marketing company importing products from overseas. Our focus is exclusively on fly fishing products, our expertise and experience is in product design, and we are committed to the highest standards of domestic manufacturing.

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When you realize no matter where you are or what the conditions, your clothing isn't holding you back — it's actually helping you do more of what you love. Wherever your passion takes you, SmartWool makes sure you can forget about what you're wearing and focus on the trail ahead.

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We take hunting seriously, because we know you take hunting seriously. We understand that when you’re in the field, you need tools, to match the keen instincts of your targets. That’s why Cobra® is dedicated to manufacturing nothing short of precision performance – every time. Cobra® believes that you should have the option of using American made equipment, without having to sacrifice durability or performance. We guarantee that every product we sell is made from the finest materials, honed to perfection by American craftsmanship.

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Salomon was born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Driven by passion for skiing and design innovation, Francois Salomon and his son George designed and perfected many of the first modern ski bindings.


Browning was started in 1878 by John Moses Browning at his father's store in Ogden, Utah. Today -- 130 years later -- Browning has grown to be the leader in sporting arms, technical hunting clothing and many other outdoor-related product categories . . . all helping to make your hunting and shooting experience a success. Fulfill our customers' dreams of a rewarding outdoor experience by continuing the Browning legacy of quality equipment and caring service.

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We enjoy the outdoors as much as you do, which means we know what you need. We know that being cold and wet is no fun. Blue eyes may be sexy, but blue lips aren't. And, while a sunny day is excellent, sunburn sucks. That's why we make high-quality performance products that keep you comfortable and protected, no matter where your excursions take you.

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Every single style in the Reef line is made with water-based glues and is free of PVC. Select 'redemptive styles' go above and beyond our core environmental values.

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Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by legendary outdoorsman Patrick Smith and was born of a need for seriously durable gear that could withstand the rigors of backcountry pursuits in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His initial product innovation was the world’s first fully rigid backcountry ski sled to haul massive loads of gear effectively and efficiently through the harsh Colorado winter wilderness. Soon after, Patrick Smith came up with the iconic lumbar waist pack to effectively carry gear while backcountry skiing and secured the first patent for a lumbar pack, US PAT #5529230, using our Delta Load Compression system which carries on into the present day within a variety of our packs and classic lumbars.

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SIG Sauer

SIG SAUER® world renowned firearms are the weapons of choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. High quality, ultimate reliability and unmatched performance have always been hallmarks of the SIG SAUER brand. In the USA, nearly 1 in 3 law enforcement professionals use SIG SAUER firearms. “We are proud that many elite military and government forces including the U.S. Navy Seals, the Federal Air Marshals, the Department of Homeland Security and the U. S. Coast Guard carry SIG SAUER firearms”, said Ron Cohen, President and CEO of SIG SAUER.

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Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1993, KAVU has been around. We figure that if you're going to do something for 20+ years you better love it. Fortunately, we do. We scramble up mountains, run rivers on inflatable couches, and ski sand dunes. We sit around campfires and hatch crazy schemes that become the next adventure, and we spill a lot of beer on our Chilliwack shorts because we're laughing too hard to keep a grip on the bottle. And that's just during work hours. Hey, we can't send our world-class clothing into the wild without field-testing it first. We understand what you need because we're out doing the same thing: playing hard, getting dirty, creating fun, and loving life.

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Derived from a Polynesian word meaning free, Kaenon(pronounced: KAY-nun) was founded in 2001 by two brothers who wanted to create a better sunglass. Unsatisfied with the sunglasses that were available on the market, they developed a proprietary polarized lens and wrapped it in unique frame styles and color treatments to match their active lifestyles. The sunglasses Kaenon created were quickly adopted by world-class athletes ranging from sailing to golf, from baseball to fishing. However, unlike other sport sunglass brands available at the time, athletes did not remove their sunglasses as they left the field. They discovered that, for the first time, their “lifestyle” sunglass performed just as well as their previously worn “sport performance” sunglass, both on and off the field of play. With roots deep in the world of competitive sailing, we continue to expand the Kaenon ethos into nearly every active sport and lifestyle movement, providing the perfect blend of comfort, protection, style and clarity to those who seek to live their lives free of compromise.

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Gas stoves are simplest. Many people who cook in the outdoors choose a gas stove because of its simplicity. You don’t have to fill it with fuel, it’s quick to light, and easy to control. A multi-fuel stove, as the name implies, gives you the flexibility of using different fuels. A white gasoline stove in an ultra classic lightweight design gives you the performance you need at high altitudes.

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Every Atomic product is embroiled with the passion with which all Atomic employees live and breathe the sport – as active skiers on the piste or working at the factory itself. Every Atomic product symbolizes the drive to improve on the tried and tested every day with innovative designs. Atomic is based in Altenmarkt/Austria right in the heart of the Alps. Each new development can be tested on some of the world's most challenging pistes – within a stone's throw of the factory. The secret to Atomic's success lies in over 50 years of experience in skiing. The company dates back to 1955, when Alois Rohrmoser constructed the first skis. Atomic is now a technological market leader in terms of both its environmentally friendly production methods and its innovative products.

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From award-winning technologies and advanced materials to the solid sound of the blade lockup, when you’re carrying a Kershaw, you know you’re carrying the real thing. The real thing means value and plenty of it. With Kershaw, you get incredible bang for your hard-earned buck. Even our inexpensive models are impressive. In fact, everything about a Kershaw is solid, crafted, reliable. That’s why we can back each of our knives for the life of its original owner against any defects in materials and construction with our famous Limited Lifetime Warranty. And yes, people do own their Kershaw knives for a lifetime. (Although, occasionally, a Kershaw has been known to get accidentally left at a campsite, lost in the garage, or permanently borrowed by a friend.) The point is, you can always look to Kershaw for every day carrying knives that can tame any cardboard box and liberate any purchase from its plastic packaging, sporting knives that make hunting, fishing, watersports, and camping even better, work knives that won’t let you down, and tactical knives that ensure you’re ready for anything.

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Scientific Angler

Throughout our 60 year history, Scientific Anglers has consistently set the standard in premier fly-fishing. From inventing the contemporary floating fly line more than 50 years ago to our specialty core construction and patented AST and Sharkskin technologies we continue to transform and modernize the sport. Our angling scientists and design team work in partnership with fly-fishing legends to develop cutting-edge technologies and ultimate fly line designs to boost your fly-fishing experience to the extreme. Whether you are just beginning or an experienced angler our equipment is designed to give you optimum performance with every cast.

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Standing sideways since 1977. Burton built the world's first snowboard factory. It is the largest snowboard brand in the world. Burton products are marketed worldwide in over 4,348 stores; 1,536 of those stores are located in the United States. In 2003 Burton allowed several online companies to sell Burton products over the internet. For years Burton had only been available through stores locally, but Burton felt that an online presence would allow buyers to have an alternative instead of turning to another brand.

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Seal Line

SealLine gear protection for urban adventure, travel, paddlesports and rafting includes the finest dry bags, backpacks, totes, duffles, organizers and more.

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ASICS, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - a sound mind in a sound body. Staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded, every ASICS innovation, every concept, every idea is intended to create the best product. Our mission is to become the number one brand for the sports enthusiast. To accomplish this, we pledge to continue to make the best product; striving to build upon our technological advances and pushing the limits on what we can learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear. We pledge to bring harmony to the body and soul.

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In 1977 a local ski patrolman from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming, came up with an idea for an eyewear retainer that would grip his shades through all kinds of alpine adventures. Using an old wetsuit, some sharp scissors, and good old American ingenuity, he made the first pair of eyewear retainers. The ingenious device was based on the design of a Chinese finger trap and it quickly became a hit with all of the patrollers! Demand picked up quickly for the patrolman's invention which was nameless at first. Back in the seventies, the Jackson Hole ski patrol used the nickname "croakies" when they couldn't think of a word (think "thing- amajig"), but it finally stuck on the first neoprene eyewear retainer ever invented. Croakies headquarters are still in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with our production in Bozeman, Montana. Our inspiration remains the same - to create eyewear retainers and accessories that provide comfort, style, durability, and functionality to active people of all ages. With the addition of men's and women's belts into Croakies accessory line-up, Croakies now offers something for everyone. Croakies products are sold by retailers throughout the United States and in over 30 countries around the world. They've even been used OUT of this world – Croakies became standard issue on the Space Shuttle in 1990.

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In 1965 Vasque founder William D. Sweasy traveled to Europe and found our future. Outdoor recreation and mountaineering were sweeping the continent, and Sweasy knew it was a matter of time until the craze found its way stateside. He began preparing his high quality mountaineering and hiking boots so he’d be ready when the time came. After a brief run under the brand name “Voyageur,” Sweasy changed the name to Vasque in 1971 (for Fort Vasquez in the mountain mecca of Colorado). And no, the rest is not history. The Vasque trail continues today, breaking new ground toward what’s next. That’s what happens when you keep your eyes firmly focused on the trail ahead.

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Backcountry Access is a privately held company founded in 1994 by Bruce (“Bruno”) McGowan and Bruce (“Edge”) Edgerly. We currently have about 45 employees, not to mention our reps and distributors. Our headquarters is at Valmont and Foothills, in Boulder, Colorado, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Like many innovative companies, we have humble beginnings (Bruno’s garage). At BCA, our mission is to save lives, not just pump products. As a leader in our industry, we need to be responsible about sending people into the backcountry. They need to be equipped not just with products, but with education. That’s why we’ve invested so much in research and education.

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Over the years, Filson's philosophy has never changed: make sure it's the absolute best. Clinton Filson spent a lot of time talking to his customers and refining his designs to their specifications. So it's not surprising that the items that worked then still work today, over 100 years later. Comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.

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Rio Fly Lines

For more than 20 years, RIO has demonstrated passion, innovation and a pure love for the sport through its development of the industry’s highest performance fly lines. And the great news is, we will continue to research, design and refine our products to ensure they are your preferred line of choice for years to come.

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RAGE is a maker of archery and hunting broadheads. They produce the most lethal boradheads in the market.

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Aventura Clothing is helping the Earth... One garment at a time with organic and eco-friendly clothing designed for women. Choose from a variety of tops and bottoms in organic cotton, bamboo blends and recycled polyester. Shop our collection of dresses, skirts, shirts, tanks, burnouts, hoodies, shorts, pants, capris and swimwear.

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Redington, founded in 1992, has always brought innovative & performance driven fly fishing products to the market - Fly Fishing Waders, Fly Rods & Reels!

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Mountain Khakis

Rugged. Authentic. Reliable. Timeless.  What started as a casual conversation at the Shady Lady Saloon in Jackson Hole, WY has become a top-performing mountain-inspired lifestyle apparel brand.  Established in 2003, Mountain Khakis quickly became a staple in the wardrobe of everyone from ranch hands to golf pros, those who travel by jet, as well as those who travel by thumb.  The Mountain Khakis brand story continues to resonate as it connects to the enthusiast who believes that freedom and rugged adventure is a way of life.

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My Tribe

Leather clothing and beyond.

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Hare and Hart

It was a blustery July day in Buenos Aires when college friends Emily Harrison and Jennie Engelhardt first envisioned a company that would combine the tradition of handcrafted Argentine leather products with contemporary fashion.  Later that year, they began designing the first Hare+Hart collection which launched Fall 2010. The two are currently based out of Buenos Aires and New York and spend much of their time designing, brainstorming and scanning via the internet.  (Thanks, Al Gore!)  All Hare+Hart products are made in Argentina by Argentine craftsmen using Argentine leather.

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Picture Organic Clothing

The first one is coming from marketing, after graduating from a business school, he became upset being in Paris and dreaming about awesome powder sessions. The second one was working as an architect within a architect family company, which is the “traditional life” for an architect’s son, but not the life he dreamed about, being a “bio a eco fan.” The third one just graduated high school when he decided to join this adventure with his two friends onto this crazy project instead of going to university, as he was really “different.”
Obsessed by their child dream, by this need to create something looking like them, Jeremy Julien & Vincent built Picture in 2008 and as a first headquarter they had a small space beside a carcheck office. A product conception the most eco-friendly as possible. unique creations, that you can notice easily thanks to a fresh and colorfull design, appreciated for their technicity and quality. Street prices monitored, so that our products are a possible alternative to products that are non eco-friendly thanks to aligned prices.

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Freedom Arms

Dedicated to maintaining the stringent standards needed to achieve uncompromising quality and reputation, the craftsmen at Freedom Arms power the success of our product line.

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When you purchase a Nautilus fly fishing reel you take ownership of the finest reel on the market, and your confidence in the product is backed by 180 years of family tradition and excellence. Enjoy your days on the water and catch a few fish, or just take in the moment. When the time comes to rely on your tackle, get back to your daydreaming and let our reels work for you.

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Winston Fly Rods

A Winston is not just a fly rod. It is a commitment to doing something the right way. Without compromise. Overall, we believe the true measure of a rod is not the ultimate distance it can cast, but how well it performs at the range of distances it was intended to cast. And most important, how well it “fishes.” Every rod we make reflects this belief. Our Boron IIx rods are the first and only rods with not only the power to cast 100 feet of line, but also the finesse to make delicate presentations at 15 to 60 feet, where the vast majority of trout fishing occurs.

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The workshop for precision mechanics and optics opened by Carl Zeiss in Jena in 1846 already enjoyed a sustained period of prosperity during its early years. On the basis of Ernst Abbe’s outstanding scientific achievements, a global player in the field of optics gradually evolved. This period of success continued for a century. The enforced partition of Germany as a result of World War II led to two Zeiss companies, one in the West and one in the East. With the political changes taking place in the former East Germany in 1989/90, the two competitors reunited to form a single company in 1990. Reunited, Carl Zeiss became stronger than ever before in its eventful history. Today, the company looks to the future with optimism and anticipation.

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Ibex Outdoor Clothing is a wool clothing company. We’re a natural fiber company. A thoughtful design company. An excellence-in-product-development company. We’re a hiking-before-dawn company. A dogs-in-the-workplace company. A bike-to-work company. We’re also a community-supported-agriculture company, a cross-country-ski marathon company, a coffee-in-front-of-the-woodstove company. As a company, we are the clothes we make: Ibex Outdoor Clothing is durable, evolving, active and modern. Our repurposed Vermont headquarters used to be a car dealership. The showroom now showcases the recent works of our creative outdoor attire. Since our founding, we’ve pushed the boundaries of wool construction, built relationships with like-minded craftspeople, sheep farmers and clothing manufacturers, and established a relationship with our customers that goes beyond the standard we make, you buy model of indelicate consumption. With every new bit of Ibex Clothing, we tie together more of our history as adventurers, our innovation as clothiers and our progressive push into a better type of clothing. It’s something you can feel in each of our products. It is the art of wool.

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Cripsi Footwear

Crispi Footwear is a rare example of a perfect balance between TECHNOLOGY and TRADITION. Crispi is the dream of a man whose small Italian company has become a world leader in all of its production niches. Crispi is simply driven by passion. The goal is to produce top quality footwear, and Crispi does this in model after model. Crispi caters to a market of “specialists”, because it concentrates on producing niche items, to better exploit the technology and know-how acquired over the years. Hence, the diverse Crispi ranges: TELEMARK, of which Crispi is the world champion; PARAGLIDING, which offers a patented system to ensure maximum ankle protection during the landing phase; HUNTING products born of in-depth research into specific use materials such as A.B.S.S.(Ankle Bone Support System), D.T.L. (Dual Tech Lining) and C.S.F. (Crispi Skeleton Frame); the MILITARIA segment, which supplies special forces in a number of countries in the world; ALTA MONTAGNA, and TREKKING which makes available to all mountain and outdoors lovers the experience and technology acquired in all these diverse sectors.

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Light My Fire

Our lives have become digital, time efficient, mobile and programmed. Yet when we dream, we dream of candlelight and romance, campfires and freedom, bonfires and celebrations. Everyone longs for fire. Fire is life. We sell fire. We develop unique, low-tech, premium quality outdoor products with the design, color and function that make them just as attractive to use in the city as in the wild.

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Our seamless multifunctional headwear protects athletes on the windiest Alpine slopes, the hottest deserts and plenty of rivers, lakes, roads and trails in between. Today, you can buy a huge lineup of Buff® products in more than 70 different countries. And we're still growing. We invite you to become part of the Buff® revolution. See for yourself why Buff® headwear is the perfect accessory for any outdoor activity.

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Innovation and tradition share equally deep roots at SCARPA, which today remains a family owned company with its headquarters and performance footwear manufacturing facilities in the same regions of northern Italy where it got its start in 1938.

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All over the world, enthusiastic hunters, nature observers and birdwatchers, and those people who wish to make their travel and leisure activities unforgettable by gaining an individual perspective through high-quality long-range optics, place their trust in the long tradition and uncompromising quality of equipment by SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

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Let me take this time to say thank you to all of our loyal customers and welcome those new to Dokken Dog Supply, Inc. Since 1995 it has been our privilege to bring to you the very finest in dog training products and accessories the market has to offer. After developing the first Dokken’s DeadFowl Trainer our goal has not wavered: to provide a no-nonsense cost-effective approach to developing products that make each and every aspect of the dog training experience easier, effective and more enjoyable.

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High Country Flies

High Country Flies - Jackson Hole’s preferred fly shop. Established in 1974, HCF has been serving the needs of anglers in one of the great fly fishing Meccas of the world for four decades. Our longevity is the result of consistently offering the finest products in the industry, combined with an emphasis on knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service.

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Spyder is obsessed with engineering superior skiwear to keep you dry, comfortable and warm on the slopes. Rigorously tested by top athletes, Spyder embodies a passion for performance-the same passion driving you to your next adrenaline rush.

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Ross Reels

Ross is recognized as the leading fly reel manufacturer in the United States. We are also a premier manufacturer of high quality fly rods, complete fly fishing outfits, reel outfits, rod cases, fishing pliers and other outdoor related products. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer support shows in every product we make! When you expect a product to last a lifetime, the company you buy it from better still be in business when your product needs service. With more than three decades of award-winning history, you can be confident that a Ross product purchased today will be supported for a lifetime of use and enjoyment. We employ a team of skilled professionals who are passionate about the outdoors and bring real world experience into every aspect of design and manufacturing. Our team is committed to producing the finest outdoor recreation products, and this pledge is only surpassed by our dedication to providing each customer with unmatched service and complete satisfaction.

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Havalon Knives

At the heart of every Havalon product innovation and customer transaction are these four cornerstones: 1.Exceptional quality you can trust 2.Great value for the price paid 3.Exciting innovation that meets customer needs 4.Outstanding customer service - always

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At Camelbak, our mission is to continuously reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform. We are forward-thinking inventors who value creative, unconventional ideas and unusual solutions to common problems. We seek new ways to do things and are not afraid to take risks. We are fully dedicated to what we make, how we make it, and for whom we make it and the way it impacts people's lives.  

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Beman is considered one of the world’s preeminent innovators of carbon arrow technology. Beman continues at the forefront of the industry by developing new methods and processes for ever improving their products. Beman arrows are used by pros and sportsmen alike for their prefect balance of speed, durability, consistency, strength, and value. With the introduction of ViBrake™, Vibration Dampening Nocks and Inserts, Beman arrows are more innovative and accurate than ever.

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Dermatone's skin protection products are designed for the outdoor enthusiast who is exposed to Mother Nature's harsh elements of sun, wind, and cold weather. It is the only company to offer a truly complete line of sun and cold weather protection products that includes: lip balms containing sunscreen, 100% water free ointments in tins, lotions, creams and even a spray. Our lotions are non-greasy and absorb quickly into the skin without leaving an oily sticky residue. We have broad-spectrum protection for UVA and UVB rays and our formulas are water resistant and sweat proof.

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It's been 25 years since we took our first step into the Grand Canyon, and not a moment has gone by that Teva® (that's "teh'-vah," not "tee-vah") hasn't been hard at work developing products that enable and encourage your adventure. Of course, given our heritage, we have an obsession with water, and our passion lies in identifying and enhancing the areas in which water effects an adventure. To us, water presents a paradox. It is the source of a year-round playground, but it simultaneously poses a year-round problem. Anyone who has ever slipped on a patch of ice or been forced to deal with soaking wet socks can attest to this duality.

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In 1972, Jim and Neil filed for a patent, and within two years we began production of Therm-a-Rest pads—the world’s first self-inflating mattress, and Cascade Designs, Inc. was born. Today Cascade Designs offers a wife variety of outdoor products. Today, we’re fortunate to remain a private, family-owned company that has grown to be one of the most respected outdoor equipment manufacturers in the world. Through the acquisition of strong companies with superior products and shared visions, and by sticking to the same fundamental principles we were founded upon: providing relevant and innovative products, exceptional quality, and service that exceeds your expectations.

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It all started in 2001 with a simple but powerful idea. Frustrated with heavy vacuum bottles and clunky stoves, Jetboil founders Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst set out to make outdoor cooking easier. They discovered that the secret to a fast and friendly design lies in increasing heat transfer efficiency. Alternating between lab and mountains, a series of designs were subjected to intense experimental and field testing. The result is a series of products as reliable as they are remarkable; as usable as they are unique.

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At age 14 Wayne Gregory designed his first backpack as part of a Boy Scout project. Shortly after this experience he met Andy Drollinger, the founder of San Diego California Adventure 16, at a boy scout camporee. Andy was impressed with Wayne's design and over the next few years Wayne could be found hanging around the Adventure 16 factory, buying raw materials and tinkering with a variety of backpack ideas. He soon became the young companies second employee. In 1970, Wayne started his first company, Sunbird, with a goal to produce advanced external frame packs. Unhappy with the limitations of externals, he dissolved the company in 1973 and began working as a freelance designer (sleeping bags, tents, and technical apparel) for a number of companies in the newly emerging outdoor specialty industry. Intrigued with new directions in soft packs and internal frame concepts he decided it was time to get back to his first love, designing backpacks, and in 1977 Wayne founded Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego, California.

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Winston Fly Rods

1929 is an infamous year in financial circles, yet is cherished by anglers worldwide. That year, following the stock market crash, Robert Winther and Lew Stoner started what is known today as or the R.L. Winston Rod Company. Originally calling their company the Winston-Stoner Manufacturing Co., they later combined elements from both their names, and renamed it the R.L. Winston Rod Company. Technicians at heart, they began the Winston tradition of archiving each rod with a journal entry and a serial number. Almost immediately, the bamboo rods these two men built earned a reputation for performance and exceptional quality.

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LEKI products are developed and designed in Swabian Kirchheim/Teck. The poles are manufactured in our own production facilities in the Czech Republic in accordance with state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly methods. With passion and highly-qualified employees with many years of experience, LEKI has the goal of producing unbeatable products. Combining safety and comfort with an appealing design is our priority. The continuous exchange of ideas with experts and professional athletes helps us take full advantage of all different types of know-how.

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lucy Activewear® was founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon by a group of like-minded women who felt that workout wear should not only support your athletic pursuits, but should be stylish and flattering, too. All of our styles are designed and developed by women who do the activities we design for: yoga, running, training, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to your favorite destination. And that’s just scratching the surface: on our team we also have marathoners, triathletes, swimmers, tennis players, golfers, rock climbers, dancers, weight lifters, Pilates enthusiasts and even martial arts experts. We’re a passionate group, and our mission is to make clothes that fit and flatter you, your life, and your passion.

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Our approach to performance hunting apparel is systematic. Constructing the most functional designs from the most technical performance fabrics and insulations, then combining them in various strategic combinations, SITKA® Gear systems withstand the exertion level, temperature, wind and precipitation of any hunting scenario.

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The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator, so it converts any heat source directly into power that charges your USB handheld device. Add water to the PowerPot and place it over a heat source. Plug in your device (don't worry, the cord is flame-resistant!) and it'll charge just as fast as it does from a standard outlet. Heat the pot over a stove, campfire, wood stove, propane/butane heat source, home range, or even a hot spring! Perfect for backpackers, hunters, and zombie apocalypse preppers.

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Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism remains at the heart of a worldwide business that still makes clothes for climbing – as well as for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, paddling and trail running. These are all silent sports. None requires a motor; none delivers the cheers of a crowd. In each sport, reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection between us and nature.

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Eisbär has been designing and producing the finest quality ski hats and sweaters for the Austrian Ski Team for over 50 years. At their beautiful factory in western Austria on the beautiful Danube River , skilled craftsmen use only the finest quality yarns and knits from the world over to produce a product unsurpassed in quality, design and function. Ever gone into your fathers or grandmothers closet and see a ski hat that they have worn for 20, 30 maybe even 40 years? This is the quality hat that is Eisbär, one that lives on for years of snow sports enjoyment. At Eisbär USA, we are dedicated to getting you set up to represent our company in your ski shop, resort, boutique or where ever fine quality clothing is merchandised and sold. Ski teams, clubs, and resorts in need of a custom designed hat? Contact us or your local Eisbar representative for details on how we can produce a hat for your group that says, "YOU"! Trend setting headwear is still a vital part of the on the slope, off the slope, to the slope statement setting attire..... Eisbär sets the trend!

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Isaora is a new-york based technical clothing line.

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Nikwax manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products. Nikwax prolongs the life and enhances the performance of clothing, footwear & equipment.

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Snow Peak

It is our great honor to experience and enjoy the richness of nature, finding that when we experience the natural world we find happiness and a sense of fulfillment.  Snow Peak's journey began in 1958, when our founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created his own line of superior gear out of the dissatisfaction with available products.  It is our birth place and our founders heritage that we look to when ever we sit down at the drawing board and create our next piece of outdoor gear.

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At Muzzy we are bowhunters. Different, a breed apart an elite class of the hunting world with the drive to test our skills in nature’s own arena. We produce the finest archery & hunting products for our customers, including Broadheads, Bowfishing Equipment, Arrow Rests, and Hunting Scents.

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It’s not just a knife. It’s a Benchmade. For two decades Benchmade has been committed to designing and manufacturing world-class sports cutlery and edged tools. We continually strive to manufacture high quality products that will deliver superior performance and provide great value for our customers. Whether you are using a Griptilian as a basic cutting tool or one of our professional grade rescue hooks to perform a quick cut in an emergency situation, you can count on your Benchmade to get the job done.

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We are a company of craftsmen skilled in the art of footwear. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we strive each day to uphold ourselves to the highest standards.

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Headquartered in Madison, N.C., Remington designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturers. Remington is the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles.

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Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of high-quality firearms for the commercial sporting market, and a major producer of precision steel investment castings. For almost 60 years, Ruger has been a model example of corporate and community responsibility. Our corporate motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens," echoes the importance of these principles while we strive to preserve our hard-earned reputation as a manufacturer of quality firearms and investment castings that simultaneously deliver value and innovation.

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Powderhorn’s pioneering use of leather re-enforcements in 1972 set the tone for developing ideas rather than following trends. We are motivated by advancement in materials, we seek creative solutions, we are inspired by functionality and have the determination to evolve. Powderhorn respects its history and honors our roots in the Tetons of Jackson Hole. As the original freeride ski apparel brand, Powderhorn established an iconic styling we still appreciate. Powderhorn was founded by and is lead today by people who live their passions. The mountains, a pioneering attitude, and tradition that rewards exploration influences us every single day and quickens our spirit.

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Ex Officio

Traveling, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery or the thrill of the unknown opens your mind to the wonders of the world. We at ExOfficio celebrate the traveler by crafting garments that allow you to experience the world unhindered. ExOfficio was born in 1987 when our founders discovered the need for technical apparel that performs as gear. They engineered a shirt with the functionality of a fly-fishing vest, built-in ventilation, and the construction of a dress shirt. Today, we put the same thought into every detail for garments that will enhance any adventure. In 25 years we have gone farther than we ever thought possible while remaining true to our original mission. You often have to return to a familiar place to realize the wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways you grew from your travels.

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SteriPEN harnesses the brilliant power of ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink. It’s the same technology used by leading bottled water manufacturers, as well as major cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia to purify water. Extensive microbiological and structural testing by independent laboratories across the U.S. and Canada has proven SteriPEN to be safe and effective, confirming the fact that SteriPEN’s UV light technology eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness. As a result, SteriPEN has earned the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal, certifying that SteriPEN purifies water safely and effectively. SteriPEN purifies 16oz. (0.5L) in just 48 seconds; 32oz. (1.0L) in just 90 seconds. All without any pumping, timekeeping, or any added aftertaste or chemical odor.

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You dream about the hunt of a lifetime. We dream about making sure your optics live up to the task. Our warranty is about you, not us. It's about taking care of you after the sale. We will repair or replace your Vortex product in the event it becomes damaged or defective—at no charge to you. It doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it. -Unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty -Fully transferable -No warranty card to fill out. -No receipt needed to hang on to. If you ever have a problem, no matter the cost, we promise to take care of you. The VIP warranty does not cover loss, theft or deliberate damage to the product...that's it.

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Turtle Fur

Turtle Fur was founded over 30 years ago at the base of Mount Mansfield in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA, where our family of Turtles lovingly crafted softness and warmth to fend off the foes of winter. Our Turtles are inspired to design unique, innovative, and constantly evolving hats, necks, socks, gloves, clavas and more by our love for the outdoors (and indoors), and our endless search for new and old materials, techniques and styles.

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Idylwilde was founded in 1996 by Zach Mertens as an excuse to fish more and get paid for it, which of course, backfired. Now he just works 6,000 hours a week, unless he's product testing. Being a quick study, it took Zach exactly three days to figure out a company is really about its customer, so this is the last time you'll hear any of that we're-so-awesome, company-centric, rah-rah dreck from us and where we turn this whole thing back on the folks who really matter: You. As a fly fisher, what do you need from a fly pattern? As a dealer, how can we help grow your business? Seriously. We'd love to hear how we can make your fishing or business better, so how about sending us an email and helping a bunch of equally obsessed fly fishers out?

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Beretta is the oldest continuously-owned firearm manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1526 by Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta, the company has an illustrious history of producing some of the most beautiful and functional firearms known. Today, under the leadership of Ugo Gussalli Beretta and his sons, Franco and Pietro, Beretta embarks on the 3rd Millennium with the benefit of centuries of experience. That experience, combined with investments in technology, organization and growing product lines, has prepared Beretta for the demands of the global market of the 21st century.

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It all began more than 10 years ago with a bold vision: “We will develop the world’s best skiwear. With our experience from the world of ski racing. And using the most advanced fabrics. Designed to meet the highest requirements of passionate skiers.” The pioneering spirit of the first hour has resulted in a philosophy which challenges the KJUS team every day. Moving the boundaries of possibility. More innovative, more ergonomic and more lightweight, this is the motto of Didi Serena, CEO and mentor of the KJUS brand. Today KJUS stands for extraordinary design, outstanding quality and maximum performance. Its unique cut and use of high-quality stretch fabrics offer the greatest possible freedom of movement. Every part of the KJUS ski, golf and outdoor collection reflects its passion for sports. They set new standards and underscore the KJUS Performance Lifestyle.

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At Fishpond, we have a passion for creating products that stretch the boundaries of traditional product design and set new standards for functionality. With our roots firmly planted in our core fishing market, we have expanded our portfolio of products to include several new items targeting the outdoor adventure travel and lifestyle segments. Fishpond is headquartered under the peaks of the Colorado Rockies, which provides us with the perfect testing ground for our new product designs. The land and water here inspire us to focus on rugged construction and enable us to evaluate the performance we build into each and every one of our products.

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Since 1952, Kelty has built affordable, reliable outdoor gear that enables everyone, from the first-time camper to the experienced mountaineer, to embrace any experience with confidence. After several years of making packs in his home garage for friends, Dick sells 29 packs in his first year of business for 24 dollars each. Dick hand-forms and welds each of the frames, and his wife, Nena, sews each of the pack bags. Kelty packs first include aircraft-aluminum contoured frames, padded shoulder straps, waist belts, clevis-pin attachment of pack bags, nylon pack cloth, zippered pockets, hold-open frames, and nylon back bands. The first shoulder straps were produced using wool carpeting for padding. The original clevis pins were made from aircraft rivets.

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Woolrich has been synonymous with quality outdoor clothing for over 180 years. The company got its start in 1830 when John Rich, an immigrant from England, built his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania. Rich would visit the lumber camps that dotted the area and sell his woolen fabric, coverlets, and yarn from a mule cart. Legend has it that Woolrich was the first company to use a zipper in men's trousers. Eventually, the introduction of new high-tech materials allowed Woolrich to enhance the performance of its outdoor wear, meeting the needs of a new generation of enthusiasts. Traditional fabrics like wool and cotton teamed up with man-made fibers to create clothing that our customers could rely on for everything from a backpacking trip to a leisurely stroll.

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Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek was born in the San Jacinto Mountains of California where Steve and Nona Barker ran a retail store called Mountain People. In 1975, they decided to put their energy full-time into pack manufacturing and began with a 1500 square foot warehouse in Solana Beach, California. Since the beginning, innovation, durability and craftsmanship have been an integral part of the brand's DNA. Today, Eagle Creek offers a full spectrum of travel solutions and can outfit any traveler for any adventure.

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In 1903, Frank August Hoppe mixed up 9 chemicals & created the world's most potent gun cleaning solvent. Since that time, Hoppe's - the leading gun care company - has emerged, walking arm in arm with hunting and shooting tradition, advancing and evolving technologies to meet your needs at every turn. From the ever-popular and versatile No. 9, to the marvel of efficiency we call "Elite," Hoppe's is the only name you need to know for for firearm cleaning an protection.

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Beyond Coastal

Years of sun exposure and the ensuing effects drove Shawn Biega to start Beyond Coastal Suncare. A diehard skier and surfer, Shawn and his cohorts spent endless hours in the sun year-round, every day their skin taking a beating. Although they wore sunscreen, too many of his friends were being diagnosed with skin cancer. After some initial research Shawn was disappointed to find the sun care market filled with greasy, chemical laden formulas that claimed broad spectrum protection. After years of research and testing (on himself, not animals!) in surf breaks, skate parks, and ski slopes, in 2006, Beyond Coastal Suncare was born. Two years later we grew a bit and relocated to Utah's Wasatch Mountains. We miss the surf, but love the skiing! The outdoor opportunities are plentiful in Utah and the sun is harsh. This combination continues to spur our constant research into better sun care. As individuals we are parents, athletes, consumers and concerned members of our global community. As a company and signatory of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics we are committed to offering your family the cleanest, healthiest sun care products possible at a reasonable price. Our formulas are crafted to offer true broad-spectrum protection and are packed with moisturizing botanical antioxidants that nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin.

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W.C. Coleman could see the light for the darkness. The young salesman was taking a stroll after a hard day’s work selling typewriters, and spotted a new type of lamplight in a drugstore window in Brockton, Alabama. This new light burned with a strong, steady white flame and was fueled by gasoline. The standard lamp of the era burned kerosene and produced a smoky, flickering, yellowish light. W.C. was stricken with very poor eyesight, and was very interested in this new, steady white light that enabled him to read even the smallest print in books and on medicine bottles. Coleman saw potential in the new light, and through his vision a new company was born that would put America’s farms and ranches in a new light, and would eventually make his name synonymous with outdoor fun.

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FITS Sock Co.

At FITS Sock company, our products are crafted with the finest products and the highest standards to give you a guaranteed perfect fit. Made with pride in the USA.

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Welcome to our family owned company.Under our brand you'll find an original and unique mix of products and information, but you should also notice a central theme.  Unlike any company in the world, we have addressed the need for efficiency and mobility for those who hit the trail, or the fire escape, or the rappel line, while carrying weapons.  The basis of our ability to do this comes from our founder's experience in the Olympic sport of biathlon, in hardcore solo wilderness hunting, in applying our essential understanding of the military, and above all in listening to our customers.  We jump in and get dirty with them.  We're not afraid to throw a little weight onto our backs and see what happens, both metaphorically and physically.  And we always look for a better way to get the job done. We'll do our best to give you perfection.  And we think that you'll find our products at a level that's on par with the very best brands in the outdoor gear and shooting sports industries.  We stand behind everything that we make, and we're certain that here, you will find original thought.

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Kimber was founded with the singular purpose of building fine sporting firearms, better even than classics from the golden age of American gunmaking. Modern manufacturing techniques would be embraced and used to advantage, but assembly, fit and finish could only depend on practiced hands. There would be no compromise in features, materials or performance.

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Every brand has a story. Here we would just talk a little bit about what we achieved so far, and where we got inspiration from to some of our patterns and styles in the past and today. So, when Kask was found in 2001, Kaj Zackrisson & Sverre Liliequist knew how to crochet since some years. The beanies that we made for our selves and our friends, became very popular so we decided to try to build a little brand, the “business plan” was to create unique beanies to wear with pride! As important as the looks the functionality was also in focus, a soft non itchy smooth beanie was created. we were also very clear with that the beanies should work out for our lifestyle, and never feel itchy in the forehead! The first pattern we made we decided to call “Sickbird”, and the inspiration for that was the Sickbird award at the freeskiing world tour events, and yes, both of us received it a couple of times. This pattern worked out really well, and the Sickbird have been seen on numbers of Kask products since then, now lately still on beanies but also on the ski socks and merino base layers.

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Scott Fly Rods

Can a fly rod have a soul? That might be pushing it, but a fly rod can have a difference, and that difference can change the way we feel about our fishing and even the way we fish. At Scott, we’ve spent over thirty-five years working to perfect the design, craftsmanship and performance of fly rods. Along this journey, we’ve developed a way of doing things that we call The Scott Difference. It’s focused on handcrafting every rod we sell. It’s driven by our love of the sport, the places it takes us, and the people we meet along the way. It’s about striving to make the ultimate fishing tools. Tools perfectly suited to their fishing applications.

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Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible. Decades of Oakley innovation have been awarded more than 600 patents that elevate physics to the level of art. Technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers, and more than 110 countries now enjoy a full array of market-leading products including premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories. These products represent our commitment to excellence — a passion that redefines what is possible for those who defy their own limits.

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Badlands has been leading the hunting industry for over 10 years. Our company started out manufacturing some of the finest mountaineering packs in the world. Our technology was, and still is, the most cutting edge in the hunting world, period.

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Backed by a pro team roster that includes some of the world's top action sports athletes, DAKINE has been an industry leader in action sports accessories for over a quarter of a century. Founded in Hawaii and based in Hood River, Oregon, DAKINE offers a complete range of innovative products, including sport-specific to street-savvy backpacks, bags, travel gear and accessories for guys and girls.

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Primos Hunting

The premier hunting calls on the market.

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Whether you’re looking for a 12-gauge shotgun, a 20-gauge shotgun, a pump shotgun, or a specialty model, Benelli shotguns are simply perfect. Benelli offers the world's largest selection, with more than 120 different models to choose from. Every shotgun Benelli makes delivers cutting-edge innovations in design, technology and manufacturing.

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Our core values aren't something we hang on the wall and only point to when we have "visitors." They weren't created in a board room to make the shareholders feel better. Leatherman's core values were created for, by, and with our employees and users who are the heart and soul of everything we do. They embody our spirit here whether you're on the manufacturing floor, or in the finance department, and from our newest employee to our oldest, Tim Leatherman himself.

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Smith and Wesson

The accomplishments of Smith & Wesson are so numerous that it is impossible to understand the history of modern handguns without first understanding the history of Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson was an industry leader in 1852 when it was first founded and continues to lead the world today with innovations into the 21st century.

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We started as arborists — folks that take care of trees. Back then, there were two types of pants for tree work: canvas work pants or rock climbing pants. Canvas pants were too stiff, never fit very well and restricted our movement. Rock climbing pants on the other hand, allowed free movement, but sure didn't hold up well to tree work… Not to mention they cost an arm and a leg. Our solution was to marry the two and make a comfortable canvas work pant that you could actually move in. A pant that fit well, held up on the job, and cost less than a case of bar oil. After many prototypes and on-the-job testing, we finally made some things we liked. Truth is, we found other folks liked them too — not just arborists. The features that make our clothes great for tree work are the same for any demanding work environment or lifestyle. We're not about bells and whistles… just the necessities that work. Making honest, hardworking clothing remains our passion. Each of our innovative, free-moving designs are made using heavy-duty fabrics. We don't test our clothes in some fancy lab…. But personally from the tops of trees to dragging brush on the ground. The result is something you can trust day in and day out. Put yours to the test the same way we do — one leg at a time.

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