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8,000 Feet Drive 45 Miles North Of Jackson on US-121 Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, Lake Trout


With rivers including the Firehole, the Yellowstone, the Madison, and the Gibbon, Yellowstone National Park is a fly fisherman's paradise. Where else can you fish amidst geysers, watch for bison on your backcast and catch wild trout? Fly fishing Yellowstone National Park is an adventure where you can see bison, elk, moose, bears and wolves, while fishing for native trout in a seamingly endless system of pristine, coldwater fisheries.

Fishing Reports

August 26th 2017

As the Firehole, Madison and Gibbon rivers cool for action, the Yellowstone river and Slough Creek have been productive with a number of sizable fish seen.

Usually the Yellowstone river is a tough river to fish but our shop anglers show monster Cuttys being caught between Le Hardy Rapid and the Hayden Valley.

Stone fly patterns are working well as SMALL Yellow Sallies. Small cadis paterns, Golden Stones and tricos have been spotted.

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May 31, 2017

Fishing in Yellowstone National Park opened this past weekend, and right off the bat, the fishing has produced solid results. For the fly fisherman, the Firehole River is your best bet right now. Due to the thermal features entering the Firehole, early season is THE time to fish this river before warmer summer weather heats the water to a point that stresses the fish so much that they should not be targeted by anglers. We love fishing the Firehole this time of year because while other rivers in the region are high and muddy with runoff, requiring subsurface fishing to have success, the Firehole River offers great dry fly fishing opportunities.

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