Weather Water Fish
54 ℉ | Clear Fair
Location Hours Length
Jackson, Wyoming 10am - 7pm 20 miles
Elevation Directions Possible catch
6,322 Feet Wilson Bridge 
Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, Whitefish

March  19th, 2017

 Warmweather and an increase in dam releases will send more water down the Snake river.

  The Jackson lake Dam had an increase in water flows to2900 CFS. as of March 19th.  This  adds new water to the fishery making it tougher to target scattered fish .Watch out for debris and unstable snowbanks that are quickly going away.  It is still a sub surface game with small nymphs being used mostly. We are transitioning to larger flies ranging from 14 to 10 when smaller patterns do not produce .  Small dries becoming more common in the next few weeks, look to fishing midge patters in a 12 -16 sizing. Concentrate on riffle water with midge pupae imitations and cutbacks. We havn't seen any skwallas yet but look to shift  towards a golden stonefly pattern soon. Kaufmans stonefly and things like the reliable Zebra Midge (black, gray, and purple) Jujubee Flash Midge psycho prince or a Beadhead attractors will be go-to in a 10-14 size range. For you streamer fishermen, Buggers, Clousers and Leeches can be effective patterns. Try to alternate between lighter colors like white, chartreuse, and gold to dark brown to black if the bite slows or a combination of both.

As the winter softens in late March, expect the Cutthroat fishing to become more consistent on the Snake, with even some fine dry fly days.  Be sure to watch the weather and keep those temperatures for spring fishing above the freezing mark. As of  March 19th, the Upper Snake is sitting on 154% of its average overall snow-pack. This is a decrease of 15% in just a few days.This insuries big spring numbers and consistent summer flows. Spring always determines summer flows here in Jackson Hole. It's shaping up to be a very interesting run-off year for 2017.


Anything else,

For further details on whats fishing well or early season specials on guided fishing trips look on our calendar page or feel free to contact us at 307 733-3270.

Hatches Hatches

  • Midges
  • Winter Snow fly

Hook Flies

  • Pheasant tail Nymph
  • Griffiths Gnat
  • Zebra Midges
  • Copper John
  • Psycho prince


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