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Technical Footwear

When hiking and playing in the Tetons, there may be no piece of gear that is as important as your shoes. Your feet are often your most important mode of transport, and you shoes are the connection between your feet and the rugged terrain of Jackson Hole. The ideal shoe for any excursion represents a combination of factors.

When thinking about the shoes you wear in our mountains, here are the things you should think about:

  • Fit – Fitting your technical shoes is as important as fitting your ski boots. Snug, but not tight. No hard spots. No slippage forward, back or side to side. Spend some time making the fit perfect.
  • Support – Irregular terrain and changes in elevation create a greater need for support than most activities. Make sure you have the right level of support to protect feet and ankles;
  • Protection – there are a lot of things that can ‘bite you’ when you’re hiking. Rocks, roots, you name it. Good hiking shoes can help protect your feet and ankles.
  • Weight – A day hike can mean a few thousand steps. A multi-day pack trip can generate hundreds of thousands. Weight creates needs for greater energy use. Support and protection add weight, so it’s a balance.
  • Moisture management – do you want waterproof shoes or shoes that help your feet dry quickly?
  • Foot shape – You’re going to spend a lot of time in your hiking shoes. Different brands are optimized for certain types of foot widths and arch heights. Get a shoe that’s right for you. And ask about orthotics to make sure your arches are adequately supported.
  • Socks – The right socks work with your shoes to manage comfort and support. We sell technical socks from

Our shoe fitters are trained every bit as rigorously as some ski boot fitters. Let us help you get the perfect shoe for you and for the type of activity you are going to engage in.

We have the largest selection of performance oriented technical shoes in Jackson Hole, from trail runners to light hikers to hiking boots, with brands that include Adidas, Salomon, North Face, Vasque, Zamberian and many others. We also have the largest selections of sandals, water shoes, as well as specialty shoes for fly fishing and hunting.


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