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Salewa Firetail EVO & Mtn. Trainer

Salewa was founded in 1935 and continues to provide high quality outdoor products today. We carry a niche line of Sa...

Salewa Firetail EVO & Mtn. Trainer

Salewa was founded in 1935 and continues to provide high quality outdoor products today. We carry a niche line of Salewa footwear. You will find the Firetail EVO and Mtn. Trainer, gracing our shoe wall on the Town Square. Both models are stocked in men’s and women’s versions. The Firetail, pictured below, will provide comfort and support throughout the day. This low cut light hiker is ideal for day to day pursuits in the hills and mountains. Having your heel locked in, creates a more sure footed and stabilized feel on trail. The shoe will readily take on urban pursuits in style once you leave the wilderness.

salewa firetail evo womens

Salewa shoes come with 2 foot beds which allow the user to adjust for volume within the shoe to create a more ideal fit. Velcro will allow you to easily align the black pad with yellow foam piece and determine your best fit. This is also useful when using the boot with socks of variable thickness depending upon temperature.

salewa footbeds


Muzzy Broadheads

The staff in our Hunting/Shooting department has been excited to have Muzzy on board. Muzzy is all about bowhunting and bowhunters. Dedicated to providing an elite class of the hunting world with the drive to test individual skills in nature’s own arena. Muzzy produces the finest archery & hunting products for its customers, including Broadheads, Bowfishing Equipment, Arrow Rests, and Hunting Scents.

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JD High Country Outfitters has a fine selection of footwear to help you explore the Tetons and beyond. Ryan Huggins, a.k.a. Bootsie, heads our Footwear Department. His extensive knowledge of orthotics is key in the development our our line.

Footwear Brands


Innovation and tradition share equally deep roots at SCARPA, which today remains a family owned company with its headquarters and performance footwear manufacturing facilities in the same regions of northern Italy where it got its start in 1938.


The North Face

The North Face delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear. We push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration. We remain deeply proud to be the first choice of the world's most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners, and explorers.



ASICS, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - a sound mind in a sound body. Staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded, every ASICS innovation, every concept, every idea is intended to create the best product. Our mission is to become the number one brand for the sports enthusiast. To accomplish this, we pledge to continue to make the best product; striving to build upon our technological advances and pushing the limits on what we can learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear. We pledge to bring harmony to the body and soul.


FITS Sock Co.

At FITS Sock company, our products are crafted with the finest products and the highest standards to give you a guaranteed perfect fit. Made with pride in the USA.



Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism remains at the heart of a worldwide business that still makes clothes for climbing – as well as for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, paddling and trail running. These are all silent sports. None requires a motor; none delivers the cheers of a crowd. In each sport, reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection between us and nature.



Salomon was born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Driven by passion for skiing and design innovation, Francois Salomon and his son George designed and perfected many of the first modern ski bindings.


Founded in 1962 on the frozen plains of Canada, SOREL brings its functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the modern world of fashion, where it is inspiring a new generation of doers, builders, and creators. And though SOREL makes more than just boots, there’s a boot in everything SOREL makes.



It's been 25 years since we took our first step into the Grand Canyon, and not a moment has gone by that Teva® (that's "teh'-vah," not "tee-vah") hasn't been hard at work developing products that enable and encourage your adventure. Of course, given our heritage, we have an obsession with water, and our passion lies in identifying and enhancing the areas in which water effects an adventure. To us, water presents a paradox. It is the source of a year-round playground, but it simultaneously poses a year-round problem. Anyone who has ever slipped on a patch of ice or been forced to deal with soaking wet socks can attest to this duality.



In 1965 Vasque founder William D. Sweasy traveled to Europe and found our future. Outdoor recreation and mountaineering were sweeping the continent, and Sweasy knew it was a matter of time until the craze found its way stateside. He began preparing his high quality mountaineering and hiking boots so he’d be ready when the time came. After a brief run under the brand name “Voyageur,” Sweasy changed the name to Vasque in 1971 (for Fort Vasquez in the mountain mecca of Colorado). And no, the rest is not history. The Vasque trail continues today, breaking new ground toward what’s next. That’s what happens when you keep your eyes firmly focused on the trail ahead.


Cripsi Footwear

Crispi Footwear is a rare example of a perfect balance between TECHNOLOGY and TRADITION. Crispi is the dream of a man whose small Italian company has become a world leader in all of its production niches. Crispi is simply driven by passion. The goal is to produce top quality footwear, and Crispi does this in model after model. Crispi caters to a market of “specialists”, because it concentrates on producing niche items, to better exploit the technology and know-how acquired over the years. Hence, the diverse Crispi ranges: TELEMARK, of which Crispi is the world champion; PARAGLIDING, which offers a patented system to ensure maximum ankle protection during the landing phase; HUNTING products born of in-depth research into specific use materials such as A.B.S.S.(Ankle Bone Support System), D.T.L. (Dual Tech Lining) and C.S.F. (Crispi Skeleton Frame); the MILITARIA segment, which supplies special forces in a number of countries in the world; ALTA MONTAGNA, and TREKKING which makes available to all mountain and outdoors lovers the experience and technology acquired in all these diverse sectors.