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Fishing Report 4/30/20

5/1/2020 | Author: Clare English | Category: Reports | 0 Comments

Sorry to say but it is that time of year, the Jackson Hole spring runoff is just around the corner. Surrounding streams are seeing an uptick in flows over the past two weeks as temps begin to rise and overnight temps remain above freezing. The Jackson Lake Dam output remained steady at 1400 CFS with Dam to Pacific Creek being the most consistent fishing in terms of conditions and flows. 
We might get a little reprive next week with cooler tempeture which could curtail run off. Morning water will be clearer, but colder. As the day wares on, conditions will deteriorate with rivers and streams going off-color. Timing your fishing for the day will be critical. For dries it has been Midges, Baetis (BWO’s) and a smattering of Skwalla Stoneflies. For nymphing, stonefly imitations in sizes 8-12, small mayfly nymphs in 16-20. Howard would point you towards mayfly and caddis imitations that can cross over to the midge world, such as Lighting Bugs and Rainbow Warriors. Simple midge patterns with sparsely tied bodies in black, purple, and red will be dependable. Look for rifflely, nervous water for your dryfly and nymph fishing. Streamer fishing has been good and has been getting more consistent every day. Natural colored sculpin patterns and with the water going off in color, something with a little sparkle could be the ticket. But again, time is not on our side.
If you were one of the people that was adept enough to purchase your Idaho fishing license before they stopped selling Non-Resident licenses, there is good fishing opportunities on that side of the hill. On the South Fork, the Palisade dam release is at 13,200 CFS. Dryfly fishing has been spotty. Nymphing and streamer fishing has been much more predictable.  Dam releases on the Henry’s Fork have been on the rise. Island Park release jumped considerably but should be short term for a sediment flush. The flow out of Ashton Dam stands at 2550 CFS. Below Ashton, the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch is in full swing, with March Brown’s and Baetis thrown in. So, the dryfly fishing has been excellent.
As mentioned, our days for local fishing are numbered. Between Covid-19 and Jackson Hole runoff this is a grand time to expand your angling skills. Go explore, discover the unique and diverse fishing venues Wyoming has to offer.


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