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Fishing Report - 4.15.2020

4/15/2020 | Author: Scott Sanchez | Category: Reports | 0 Comments

4.15.20 Report
Midge dry fly fishing has been very good and feeding fish seem to be podded up. Size 18, black, Capnia stones are also working well. You will see them on rocks and snow but their profile is almost impossible to see on the water. If you see subtle rises in runs, this is most likely the culprit. Some of the fish are feeding in suprisingly fast water. I’ve been using my little Krystal Flash and biot stone, Everything Emerger or the CDC F Fly.  A small Peacock Caddis or Purple Phase are good options too. This is a lot different fishing than throwing Chubbies in the summer - fine tippets and drag free drifts are critical. Subsurface, a small Pheasant Tail or Psycho Mayfly are close enough. 
Pro Tip The best dry fly fishing is in the afternoon, but us impatient anglers don’t always want to wait.  There is some good subsurface fishing prior to the midge hatches.  You will still need to let the sun warm up the water.  Crack of Noon.  A long tippet will help the small midge larvae patterns sink and get a natural drift.  Thinner mono sinks better and is more flexible.  Instead of using a tapered leader.  Tie a short section of 2X tippet to your butt section or loop on the end of fly line.  Next attach 6 to 7 feet of 4X to the 2X.  Knot another 18” piece of 4X to the long 4X with a blood knot or surgeons knot.  Leave a long tag end for a dropper.  On the end of the leader tie on a tungsten nymph such as a Pheasant Tail or Copper John in size 12.  On the dropper tag, tie on a Zebra Midge.  Yarn indicators tend to be more sensitive the subtle takes than Bobbers. You can also use some bright monofilament for the butt as an indicator.  This is basically a Euro Nymph leader, but it can be used with indicators.  Fish the deeper troughs where you know the fish are earlier in the day. - Scott Sanchez



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