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Staff Picks - Scott Radian Fly Rod

1/20/2017 | Author: | Category: Guide | 235 Views | 8 Comments

Scott Radian Fly rod


“Fast with feel” is the marketing motto for the Scott Radian fly rods and I would have to agree.  The Radian is a faster progressive action rod but you can still feel the line load on short cast.  It excels at this when other great casting fast action rods don’t.  Maybe I’m old school and grew up with softer rods that you could feel the line on, but I believe feel in a rod is critical.  Expert casters will appreciate this but it really makes a difference with the less experienced and helps them learn to load the rod and cast correctly.  The Radian has plenty of backbone and is super light in the hand.  Self lubricating guides on the rods really work and not only give you distance when shooting line, they help out when double hauling and on those warm days where lines can get tacky.  I really like the 9 foot and 9 ½ foot six weights.  They are great all around Wyoming rods.  Powerful enough to throw foam and hair in the wind and with enough delicacy to fish a PMD.  I’m a big fan of six weights for the big water, big fly and breezy conditions we face in the West and they cover the reasonable size streamers and nymph rigs better than the more common five weights.  This doesn’t affect the fishing but I really like the black skeleton and wood reel seat and the natural graphite finish on the rod.  

- Scott Sanchez


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